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Online Star Registry is an online registry that allows you to name a star in the galaxy for a friend or loved one. Naming a star is a great gift for special occasions and holidays such as birthdays and anniversaries, and the Online Star Registry provides this service with a variety of options. When you order from the Online Star Registry, you will be filling out pertinent information such as the star name, who it is dedicated to and the date of dedication which can be the present date or any date in the future which means something to you like your upcoming anniversary. With each purchase, you receive a star gift kit that includes a certificate with the star's coordinates listed on it, a star map showing the exact location of the star you named, and a book of stars which is a glossy book that provides clear and bright photos of various stars in the galaxy that were taken by the Hubble Telescope.

There are three different star kits available from the Online Star Registry, including:

  • The Standard Star Kit - one star name, one certificate, one star map and book of stars.
  • The Zodiac Star Kit - one star name, one certificate, one star map, one book of stars, and a star within the zodiac of the person you are dedicating it to.
  • The Twin Star Kit - one star name, two certificates, two star maps, two books of stars, and a star within the zodiac of one of the people you are dedicating it to. This is an ideal kit when you are naming a star for a couple such as for a wedding gift or anniversary present.
Online Star Registry: What makes it different?
  • Website available in several different languages for International customers including spanish, french, italian, russian, and swedish. The certificate and star map can also be printed in these languages.
  • Online Star Registry has a 100% guaranteed satisfaction warranty with a 30-day money back guarantee. Any customer who is not satisfied with their order and delivery can return the merchandise within 30 days for a full refund.
  • All orders from the Online Star Registry are free of charge and orders are shipped in 24 to 48 hours, guaranteed. They use UPS as a shipping service so orders go out quickly and arrive within 3-4 business days in the United States, or within 7-10 business days for International orders.
  • Online Star Registry offers group purchase discounts if you plan to name stars and buy their star kits for a group of people.
  • The stars named by the Online Star Registry are unique to the person who the star is dedicated to, and the star will never be assigned or named by anyone else.
  • You have the ability to choose any dedication date, not just the date that you named the star and ordered the star kit.
Online Star Registry vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Online Star Registry)

The International Star Registry is Online Star Registry's leading competitor, and one of the most popular star registry sites available. International Star Registry is similar in that they offer three different types of star kits and three levels of pricing, however the prices for their least expensive and mid-sized kit are slightly less expensive than Online Star Registry at $54 and $109. International Star Registry makes it easier for customers to reach them with questions or concerns by offering them a toll-free number clearly listed on their website, while at Online Star Registry you are only given an online form to fill out. With International Star Registry you have more options as far as languages in order to view the site in including German and Finnish, along with nearly a dozen more. On the downside, the International Star Registry site is slightly less professional looking and not as easy to navigate. They have a longer shipping time as 3-5 business days as opposed to Online Star Registry's 1-2 business days and they do not list whether or not they charge for shipping.

Another leading competitor of Online Star Registry is the similarly named Online Star Register (OSR). Online Star Register offers a less expensive star kit with more items included such as a card with personalized message and free gift wrapping, but they only offer the one option. There are no premium or upgraded star kits available. The OSR website makes it easy to find customer feedback as they have testimonials listed right on their homepage. The website is slightly distracting however, while the Online Star Registry has a more user-friendly website. OSR has the advantage of faster shipping times, claiming they always ship on the same day. 

Online Star Registry: Pricing & packages

Online Star Registry offers competitive pricing for their star kits, which vary depending on what type of items you want include in your star kit. Compared to other star registry sites, Online Star Registry tends to be less expensive and offer more variety. Their least expensive and most basic star kit which includes the star name, certificate, star map and book of stars is $89, while their mid-sized star kit includes the same items with an additional option of naming a star for a specific zodiac and costs $119. Finally, the most expensive star kit is called the Twin Star Kit and for $149 you get to name one star but receive two certificates, two star maps, two star books and the zodiac option. The twin star kit is more expensive but is ideal when you want to give a gift to a couple, such as for a wedding or anniversary kit. You can name the star only once for the couple, but each person will get their own certificate, star map and star book.

Online Star Registry: Product images & screenshots
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Online Star Registry: Customer reviews & comments

Previous customers from Online Star Registry are quite pleased with their product. People who have given reviews and feedback mention Online Star Registry's customer service, superior products, and go into more detail about what a great gift their star kit is for friends and loved ones and how they have reasonable prices. Overall, Online Star Registry is one of the most popular star registry sites online. 

The review from Buying a Star names them one of the leading star registry sites, due to Online Star Registry's many gift options and variety of star kits available. "The greeting option provided by the website is incomparable and you won’t find this great gift option anywhere else. The star naming is the perfect gift that is made available for you to gift someone for any occasion."

David C. Foster from also gave Online Star Registry a rave review which states: "The Online Star Registry makes for one great gift. If you are not sure what to get your wife or girlfriend, try naming a star after her. Yea, it can be a little bit dorky but she will think it’s really cute. Not only do you get to name a star but you many other cool things like a certificate to give here and even a star map so you can locate your newly named star."

NOTE TO EDITOR: These are the ONLY reviews I found on the web for this website, and I looked through at least 20 pages of search results. I hope these are enough to suffice. Please delete this note during editing. Thanks!

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Comments (1)

These make cool gifts, but anyone buying them should know that they are fake. The stars are all named when they are discovered and the names don't change. The International Astronomical Union which names such things does not name stars except by the celestial coordinates. We see about 1000 stars, but there are really millions. Nice review though.

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