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Giving away a star named after someone special to you is a symbolic novelty gift. Global Star Registry offers a service to name real stars. The stars that are named through Global Star Registry is not recognised in an official body though they are recorded in a book, which is registered in the copyright office of the United States of America. Each star name will be filed and registered once only. It is not possible to actually own a stellar object as nobody (or everybody, depending on your way of looking at it) has ownership. A star is essentially a ball of boiling gas trillions of miles away, so ownership is hardly a viable option anyway!

Customers can purchase gifts for their near and dear ones.  Customers can shop for various products on their website such as

The Star Kit contains the following –

Global Star Registry: What makes it different?
Best Available Global Star Registry Coupon:
Global Star Registry vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Global Star Registry)

Major competitors for Global Star Registry includes –

Star Foundation

Star Foundation's goal is to support and create awareness for their Charity Partners and provide their Customers with a unique and timeless novelty gift that will last for an eternity. 

They assign the names of our Name a Star Package recipients to Stars that are otherwise only listed in the International Astronomical Union as numbers. They register those names in the Star Foundation Network Archives and never name the same star twice.

Pros and Cons relative to Global Star Registry are listed below-


  • The Name a Star Package is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Apart from online shopping, customer have an option to order through mail or phone;
  • Memorial Package offered for lost loved ones; and
  • Almost entire proceeds go to charity.


  • No quantity discount programme.
  • The star name not filed in a Registry Vault and  not registered in the copyright office of the United States of America; and
  •  Does not offer pendant in form of a necklace or a keyring.

The Universal Star Registry

The Universal Star Registry is an independent star naming registry, where members of the public can name a star from any of the 88 constellations. Simply choose your constellation and the new star name and from that day on the star will be forever recognized by the Universal Star Registry as the new registered star name. Name a star is the perfect gift for every occasion.

Pros and Cons relative to Global Star Registry are listed below-


  • Payment can be made by credit card as well as pay pal;
  • Orders can be cancelled within 7 working days;
  • Customers can order extra copies of the Certificate; and
  • Universal Star Registry operates a fully secure PCI DSS compliant payment facility.


  • No quantity discount programme.
  • The star name not filed in a Registry Vault and  not registered in the copyright office of the United States of America;
  • Apparently no proceeds goes to charity; and
  • Does not offer pendant in form of a necklace or a keyring.
Global Star Registry: Pricing & packages

The products offered by Global Star Registry when compared to its competitors are not common and standard. Hence, comparison of the prices would not provide a clear pricing differential.  What is more important is the package provided by the companies.  Global Star Registry offers star kit package at a very high rate of $108. However, the star kit package includes a signed certificate with Global Star Registry's official seal confirming the name, date and coordinates of the star as well as a star chart showing where your star, which is marked, is situated. You also get a silver-plated pendant engraved with your star's constellation as well as its astronomical coordinates.

Star Foundation offers a Standard Name a Star Package at a cheaper rate of $39.95 . However, the package includes name a star certificate without wooden plague, star foundation signature medallion, map of the constellations, map and mythological explanation of your star, astronomical sterm sheet, interesting fact sheet about stars, "Helpful Hints" for viewing Stars in the sky and Reference Guide for interesting astronomical book

The Universal Star Registry offers a star gold gift pack at a price of approximately $44.  Their package includes Stunning presentation folder to keep all your official documents safe, Certificate of registration complete with genuine wax seal. Planishere CD information software to run on all PC's, Introductory letter with star information including coordinates, Resource sheet and constellation information plus Silver plated keyring engraved with the recipients name, constellation and the stars coordinates Plus A4 certificate mounted in this silver finish wooden style frame . Plus Silver plated certificate holder, Perfect for holding another certificate such as birth or graduation.

Thus from a package perspective what is offered by Universal Star Registry as well as Global Star Registry is more attractive.  What differentiates Global Star Registry from its competitors is not its price, but the fact that the package is attractive and also that the star name will be filed in a Registry Vault and recorded in a book, which is registered in the copyright office of the United States of America.

Global Star Registry: Product images & screenshots
Global Star Registry Coupons
Global Star Registry: Customer reviews & comments

There were not many reviews of Global Star Registry available on the internet.  After carrying out extensive search, we found only one review about Global Star Registry. The said review is a positive review and the actual review from the website is reproduced below

“Twinkle, twinkle and all that jazz, 07 Jul 2011

Review by Tom Brentwood

 My wife is a big fan of star gazing. I got her a telescope at Christmas, and I imagine she’ll be well on her way to charting the constellations on the computer soon. In the meantime, I wanted to get her a little something romantic but space related. I’d heard about star naming and giving before, but I didn’t know much about it. Global Star Registry makes it incredibly easy to name a star on a loved one’s behalf and make a lovely gift for them at the same time. All for just £65. You can’t go wrong. My wife loved the star, by the way. And she proudly displays her little certificate on her office wall.”


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This would make a great gift for the person who has everything. It's a neat idea!

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Yes Sandy...

Excellent review about a great site.

Voted this interesting review post. Hope to avail your friendship and support. Thank you Anand.

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